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Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Museen in Äthiopien e.V.
Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia

List of plants for the plantation around the Wuqro Archaeological Museum as proposed by Ato Mesfin, Dean of  St. Mary’s College, Wukro, June 2012

Criteria: draught resistant, indigenous/local, flowering, green throughout the year, scenting, healing, insect repellent, liked by the Tigrayan people.

Ato Mesfin gave us two guided tours around the compound and showed and explained the plants he would recommend.

General conditions:
- The soil in Wukro is good and plants/trees grow easily and quickly here;
- in general, when planted they need about two years of watering once a week outside the rainy seasons, then they should be well established and grow on their own;
- drop irrigation systems:  very economical and produced in Mekelle

- manure should be added when planted; fixed rules for procedure of digging/planting
- seedlings cost about 3 birr each, some can be got for free;

- distance to walls depends on plants: has to be decided for each species

- He offers his good advice as soon as we have the rough plan ready

1. Trees for market place (big canopy, ever green, liked by the people):

  1. -Neem Tree

  2. -Desonix Regia: Flamboyant

  3. -Acacia (diff. kinds, “Senegal” is especially recommendable)

  4. ->>> Not the tree of the Axum market place and on the Nagfa bill: it sheds its leaves in the dry season, gets too big, is aggressive to buildings

2. Around the museum:

2.1. Trees:

  1. -Pepper Tree

  2. -Olive Tree (africanus)

  3. -White Mulberry: Morus Alba Moracea

  4. -Neem Tree

  5. -Desonix Regia, Flamboyant

  6. -Senna Siamea, Cassia Siamea, Ironwood

  7. -Acacia, diff. varieties

  8. -Cordiak Africana

  9. -Fig Tree

  10. -Palm Tree, diff. varieties

2.2. Especially for life fences, alleys

>>> no opuntia: far too invasive!

  1. -Gravila Robusta (growing straight upwards, dark green foliage, orange flowers, for alleys, windbreak)

  2. -Dovalis caffra (dense life fence, small leaves, wind break)

2.3. Bushes, shrubs, scented and/or medicinal

  1. -Aloe

  2. -Moringa (very fast growing, eatable parts, used for purifying water)

  3. -Sisal

  4. -Kliw (local bush with small leaves, wood used for toothbrushes and for smoke baths of women)

  5. -Schinus Terebinhifo (?): spicy peppercorn, scented leaves

  6. -Libya sciodorus: shrub with lemon scented leaves

2.4. Ground covers

  1. -lemon grass (repellent against snakes)

  2. -several ornamentals, flowering

  3. -several succulents

25. Climbers (for inbetween and for shaded terraces etc.)

  1. -passion flower (especially beautiful flowers, fruit and shade)

  2. -Bougainvilla in many colours, very beautiful and popular

Nina Melchers, Wukro, June 2012


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