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Gesellschaft zur Förderung von Museen in Äthiopien e.V.
Society for the Promotion of Museums in Ethiopia

Bericht von der ersten Pflanzaktion durch Hailay Teklay vom Tourist Office Wukro

Dear Nina

First having a letter from our office we discussed with the municipality officials to show us the exact boundary of the museum site,  and then the next day we received our territory. Parallel to this we were seeking to find daily working people living around the museum. By organizing from 30-40 workers per day just we have constructed almost 288 meters length of wall with one meter height and around 650 holes of  60x60 cm for the plants.

The people around the museum were very happy and contributed materials, like hammers and other materials which were useful for our work. The issue of Getachew, the guard,  was settled after some discussion, concerning  watering and cultivating the plantation and  looking  after the museum site.  And after settling the above things, we went to the plant gardens and the market to look for the small plants and we found them in the nearby gardens, in St Mary's College and in Mekelle. Parallel to this we were organizing the inhabitants of the city (Wukro), especially the high school students, university students, the military,  the experts from St. Mary's College and journalists to participate in the plantation program with their own materials.

On the other hand Mesfin and his staff from St. Mary's College told us to prepare compost fertilizer and we got it from the Elshaday Orphan Treating and Teaching Organization cost free, of course, and a few from the nearby village.

Finally, by organizing around 400 people we planted the plants successfully,  and we explained to them  the future development of the museum and they were very happy. The plants by now are in a good condition: nearly 100%of them are alive.

This was what we have done so far.

Best regards

Hailay Teklay  

Tourist Office Wukro


  1. Nina Melchers

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